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Sit back, relax and automate.

Running a studio requires a lot of attention to detail. Gain a helping hand without the additional costs and automate tedious tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Create more time in your
day with easy workflows

Our automation designer gives you the tools to cut through the noise
and create efficient processes to make your business work for you.


You’re spending too much time manually sending clients the same emails everyday. Simply schedule your emails and have us send them out for you! 


Automate follow ups, welcome emails, birthday wishes and notifications. We remember the tasks so you don’t have to.


Use our ready-made templates to help get you started. Customize with ease and ensure the campaigns work for you.


Ensure your clients are on the right path. Use our data to understand patterns and behaviours to build the ideal flow for them.

Design your client’s journey to fit their needs

Work smarter, not harder by automating your everyday tasks. Build a stronger relationship with clients by customizing a person journey, speeding up your check-in process and sending the right emails at the right time.


Add actions

Curate the perfect workflow that’s ideal for your studio. Make them as long as you need so that you can check things off your to-do list!


Automate campaigns

Understand how your clients interact with your studio and send the right content. Make sure you are there when they need you most and skip the guesswork.


Stay connected

Always be present when your clients need you. Automate each touch point and interact online or offline. Ensure that you never miss a chance to keep clients happy.

Explore more ways to grow!

Check out how you can enhance your studio to retain clients and drive more traffic!

Identify at risk clients

Develop meaningful relationships and track your clients interactions with our engagement scoring feature.

Streamline all communications​

Transcribe texts & calls, view communication history & never miss a follow up.

Automate marketing

Connect with clients by segmenting & filtering them to create personalized email campaigns.

You ask, we answer

An automated campaign is a flow designed to optimize your studio’s performance. You are able to automate mundane tasks and reduce the headache. 

Once you’ve registered and logged in, head into the automations tab and click “add.” You’ll see a list of pre-built templates, choose the one that fits your needs! Then, you’ll be taken to the creation screen. Here, you can add elements in your flow and ensure all previous steps are met before proceeding to the next one.

As many as you need! Segment your clients and create the ideal workflow for you. There are no limits once you sign up with LenzVU.