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Save clients and earn 5 times more on revenue

LenzVU’s customer engagement score platform is an invaluable tool in your arsenal. Our algorithm assigns weights to different customer interactions to establish an engagement trend based on overall client’s behaviour, helping you determine which customers are likely to discontinue their services. 

Keep your studio growing
and clients happy

Enhance customer relationships through tracking client engagement. Understand your client’s patterns and react instantly to retain them.

Connect the Dots

Your clients consume your content at every interaction. Bridge the gap between low and high engagement by implementing strategies that enhance your content.

Increase Engagement

Get a deeper understanding of their patterns to provide rewards, design personalized offers and build a community.

Save Costs

You can save up to 5 times more when you retain existing clients. Get in front of your at-risk clients with the right message and show you care before they jump ship.

We know how important community is

Optimize your client’s levels of engagement through analyzing different interactions and their frequencies. Clients with a trend ranging from 80-100% are highly engaged with your studio’s content while a lower score is a call to action! React instantly with strategic content to enhance the overall health of your community.

High Engagement
Medium Engagement
Low Engagement

Track. Monitor. React.


Understand what your clients need from you by monitoring their journey both online and offline. See what classes they explore on your studio website and follow up in case they fall off their journey and ensure that you don’t lose a sale.

Explore more ways to grow!

Check out how you can enhance your studio to retain clients and drive more traffic!

Automate marketing

Connect with clients by segmenting & filtering them to create personalized email campaigns.

Streamline all communication

Transcribe texts & calls, view communication history & never miss a follow up.

Monitor with automated flows

Drive more traffic & sales on auto-pilot. Ensure no steps are missed in the client journey with our automation designer feature.


You ask, we answer

As the name suggests, a customer engagement score (CES) is a measurement to see how much your clients engage with your business. A high score means the customer interacting with a lot of your content. A negative change in engagement score signals disengagement and is an opportunity for your business to interact with the customer and understand the decline.

LenzVU’s system calculates customer engagement by weighing the frequency of customer interactions with your studio. This score is provided as a percentage.

You are able to see a client’s score right on their profile! You can also see a timeline of their recent activity and see where potential risks are before it’s too late.

A good engagement score will vary according to the engagement strategy of a business. For example, a company might send out emails daily, while another only sends them monthly. Therefore a good client engagement score for the business with daily emails should be higher than the business that sends out monthly emails.

The other variable in determining a good engagement score is the client’s patterns which may not remain constant over a short time. For instance, a client might not open emails since they are super busy, while another might open and click on all the emails.