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Connect Business Phone Reinvented.

Skip the confusion and see a full history of all communications at your fingertips. No more he said, she said!

• Accessible anywhere

• No carrier or device expenses

• Separate your business SMS and calls from personal communication

• Easily allow staff to respond and manage

access the sms feature through lenzvu

"90 percent of people open a text within three minutes."

- Soprano Design

Unified Customer Interaction

Manage your customer conversations, communications and calls centrally on any device. Continue the conversation whenever, wherever.

Transcribe all communications

Have a record of all communications between staff and clients. Ensure that you provide the best service to clients and skip the headache. We transcribe phone calls and voicemails, allowing staff to start the conversation right where it was left.

Personalize Your Communication

Create messages specifically personalized and designed for each of your clients. Take it a step further and personalize voicemails, making clients feel special, and allow them to in-touch with your business! 

Phone for all
your staff

You can provide individual access to your staff so that they can now make and receive calls for your business. Your LenzVU phone can be answered anywhere on any browser-enabled device.

separate your personal sms number from business number
lenzvu sms dashboard add users

track history

Keep track of all past activity on the communication dashboard, such as: Which staff member sent a message or answered a phone call! Also, can keep track of client notes on each profile. 


Enabling SMS Autoreply provides a better customer experience by quickly acknowledging their SMS or phone call. Use this feature when you are outside of working hours, or to remind your clients of important alerts/information once they contact you. 

Introducing: 2-Way Calling Solution

The new and improved way of making incoming and outgoing client calls, managing calls through the dashboard, and giving access to multiple users to attend calls.

Make Incoming & Outgoing Calls

Allow your clients to reach out to you using your registered business number, and also call them back!

Auto-reply To Missed Calls

Missed a call? No problem! Allow our system to automatically send clients an SMS after a call is left unanswered for more than 90 seconds.

Track Call Log

Manage the history of missed and attended calls, minutes spent, and more through the dashboard.

Explore more ways to grow!

Check out how you can enhance your studio to retain clients and drive more traffic!

Identifty at risk clients

Develop meaningful relationships and track your clients interactions with our engagement scoring feature.

Monitor with automated flows

Drive more traffic & sales on auto-pilot. Ensure no steps are missed in the client journey with our automation designer feature.

Target with marketing campaigns

Connect with clients by segmenting & filtering them to create personalized email campaigns.