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LenzVU is the premier all-in-one marketing, automation, and CRM software built for fitness studios from the ground up

marketing for your studio made easy!


Lenzvu gets new members to your fitness studio or gym on autopilot while you sleep, and while you coach.


The marketing doesn't stop when a new member signs up, Lenzvu makes sure they stay active, engaged, excited, and never leave.

Artificial Intelligence

Our software works around the clock to continue to generate new members for your fitness studio or gym

Automated Intro Offer
Client get a sequence of emails and text messages when they sign up for the intro offers.
The emails get a personalized email and also a follow-up on their first class which boosts their participation.
100th Class Celeberations
Automated emails to clients who have attended 100 classes and staff get a task to notify them of the 100 class celebrations.
We now don't miss any member who has attended 100 classes and we celebrate their milestone together as a community.
Notice At Risk Clients
LenzVU recognizes each client pattern for your studio.
Automatically engage the clients before it is too late.
AI Salesperson Works Even on the Weekends
AI salesperson to help answer questions and bring in more leads to your studio.

Complete Success Toolkit for Your Studio


LenzVU comes pre-packaged with plug and play introductory offers that get new members signing up every single day.


LenzVU's empathetic, hyper intelligent AI chatbot has meaningful conversations with prospects online so all questions are answered in a caring, human way without you having to personally respond to each inquiry.


Smart, personalized "drip" campaigns that automate all the marketing and sales you need to get new members into your studio or gym regularly.


We all know getting people to sign up is one thing, but getting them to stay paying members long term and showing up consistently is another! Lenzvu automates this process with intelligent AI-driven data that finds members most likely to lapse and triggers engagement to keep them motivated, paying customers!

1 %
Time Saving

Small business owners can cut down the time spent on administrative tasks by up to 68% through automation. This frees up more than two-thirds of the time typically dedicated to tasks such as email communication and scheduling, which can then be invested in more valuable areas like client engagement or strategic planning.

1 %

Automated email marketing contributes to approximately 21% of email marketing revenue. Implementing an automated system for communication such as welcome emails not only ensures consistency but also taps into a significant source of revenue from automated messaging.

1 %
  1. Welcome emails sent automatically enjoy an 86% higher effectiveness in terms of open rates compared to standard newsletters. This level of engagement can establish a strong foundation for client relationships from the onset.

Amazing Results

"We've found the integration of LenzVU with MindBody incredibly efficient for our massage intake process. Clients complete their paperwork before arrival, enabling us to go paperless and eliminate the need for storing physical forms. It's been a seamless and fantastic experience."
Melody Wilson
General Manager, Grove Fitness & Spa
"Through the years of being a small business owner, I was guilty of both overpaying for integration partners that I underutilized and cutting ties because "for that price, I'd rather do it myself". Now I couldn't be happier since integrating with LenzVU. Their automation and email flow is easy to use, gives me everything my small business needs and at a price that makes me feel I'm getting a fantastic return on the value."
Ryan Mleziva
Owner, Brew Fitness
“After our demo, I was sold. It's like looking into the future of marketing automation.“
Lora R.

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Embark on your LenzVU journey with ease. Our tailored onboarding ensures a smooth transition to our platform, offering unlimited personalized support right from the start. Once you’re set up, our commitment doesn’t end – we provide ongoing assistance to keep your fitness studio’s marketing on track. Join LenzVU today and experience seamless automation with expert support every step of the way.

A: When you join LenzVU, we ensure a smooth and personalized onboarding experience. Our team will guide you through every step, from setting up your account to tailoring the platform to fit your studio’s unique needs. We offer unlimited onboarding calls to ensure you feel confident and ready to harness the full potential of LenzVU for your fitness studio.

A: Understanding that every fitness studio has its unique challenges and goals, LenzVU provides customized support. Our AI-driven tools are designed to adapt to your specific marketing needs, offering solutions that evolve with your business. Plus, our team is always available to answer your questions and provide insights, helping you maximize your marketing efforts effortlessly.

A: Absolutely! Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial setup. With LenzVU, you get continuous support for as long as you use our service. Whether it’s new feature updates, marketing strategy consultations, or just a quick question, our team is here to provide expert advice and solutions whenever you need them.

A: Getting started is easy and risk-free! Simply create a free account to try LenzVU. There’s no obligation, and you’ll immediately gain access to our powerful marketing automation tools and personalized onboarding service. See for yourself how LenzVU can transform your fitness studio’s marketing with just a few clicks.

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