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Curate the perfect marketing
strategy for you

Send branded marketing materials & connect with clients at every stage. Get insight on open rates, click rates and much more!

Marketing made easy

Create a personal touch without the extra leg work when you automate your email campaigns. Understand your clients and send them exactly what they want to see.

Test emails

Want to preview the email before sending it to clients? Send out test emails to your staff and ensure that your emails showcase only the best.

Tag clients

Reduce mass marketing when you send meaningful emails. Optimize your client's journey to show up with content that are true to their experience.

Automated campaigns

Automate your marketing without the robotic undertone. Utilize our flow designer and create personalized campaigns.

Content marketing

Build your emails the way you want it. Ensure clients feel heard and cared for with content created just for them.

Email newsletters

Keep your clients up-to-date about the new buzz in your studio! Create the right emails, customized to your branding in your default templates.

Data-driven marketing

Utilize email reports to improve the content you create. View open rates, click rates and more to get an understanding of the engagement at your studio.


ready at your fingertips

Understand what your clients need from you by monitoring their journey both online and offline. See what classes they explore on your studio website and follow up in case they fall off their journey and ensure that you don’t lose a sale.

Explore more ways to grow!

Check out how you can enhance your studio to retain clients and drive more traffic!

Identify at risk clients

Develop meaningful relationships and track your clients interactions with our engagement scoring feature.

Monitor with automated flows

Drive more traffic & sales on auto-pilot. Ensure no steps are missed in the client journey with our automation designer feature.

Streamline all communications​

Transcribe texts & calls, view communication history & never miss a follow up.

You ask, we answer

An automated email campaign can be created by using the email newsletter feature. Using the drag and drop, build your email with the content you want and schedule them to be sent out.

You can view the status, open rates, and click rates right in your email newsletters. Click on view reports for a graphical representation of how well your email is doing.