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Experience unparalleled efficiency and skyrocket your fitness center’s success with Lenzvu’s automated marketing solutions.

who we are

We are dedicated to providing the best CRM for studio owners,
ensuring only the top quality service for your clients.


Our mission is to help you enhance your studio with simple to use tools that are ready at your fingertips.


We strive to continuously improve and build an intelligent software catered to your business needs.


Our team is dedicated to creating the best experience for you and a community you can rely on.​

Explore our features

Integrate our solutions into your existing platform to help advance your business to the next level!

Identify at
risk clients

Increase engagement in your studio and retain clients by analyzing the patterns in your client's engagement.

Streamline all communications​

Register for a business phone number to transcribe texts & calls, view call logs & never miss a follow up.

Automate with marketing campaigns

Segment your clients to create personalized emails. Automate campaigns so you can reach clients at key touchpoints.

Monitor with automated flows

Drive more traffic & sales on auto-pilot, ensuring no steps are missed in the client journey.

Protect with management

Build & manage customizable liability waivers forms to get exactly what you need from your clients.

Track client interactions

Easily understand how your clients interact with your brand by tracking their website activity & take advantage of every sales opportunity.

Enhance your studio communications

Integrate our solutions into your existing platform to help advance your business to the next level!


Allow your staff to keep conversations going right from when they left off. Connect anywhere, anytime.


Having too many "he said, she said" conversations? Keep a record of conversations that you can go back to anytime. Understand your clients needs better to level up your sales strategy.


Ensure that your clients hear from you exactly when they need to. Automate follow ups, notifications and more!


Send custom SMS text messages and voicemails to make clients feel heard. Ensure each touchpoint is catered to their personal journey.

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Driving technology for leading wellness studios

Our value to you

We strive to help you grow and curate the ideal community your clients are looking for.

Grow with metrics.

Gather meaningful insights about your business to curate your marketing strategy to the needs of your clients, and build loyalty.

Protect your business.

Give yourself and your clients’ peace of mind by ensuring no steps in their client journey is skipped.

Sit back & relax.

Put yourself on auto-pilot mode and create custom automations and design your client journey.

Stay up to date.

Be aware of the things that matter the most to your clients and reach them with the right content.

Unique experience.

We give you the right tools to ensure that your client's journey is personalized and curated just for them.

Build a strong community.

Be there for your clients when they need you the most. Grow your relationships and strengthen the bond with your clients.

Integrated With Leading Fitness Brands

We integrate with partners to enhance their services and improve your flows

Mindbody integration

LenzVU is honoured to be partnered with Mindbody Online. Interested in our integration plan? Click here to see our Mindbody integration.

Mariana Tek integration

LenzVU is honoured to be partnered with Mariana Tek. Interested in our integration plan? Click here to see our Mariana Tek integration.

fitDegree integration

LenzVU is honoured to be partnered with fitDegree. Interested in our integration plan? Click here to see our fitDegree integration.


WellnessLiving integration

LenzVU is honoured to be partnered with WellnessLiving. Interested in our integration plan? Click here to see our WellnessLiving integration.

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You ask, we answer

Simply create an account for free and gain access to the main dashboard where you can create your own waivers and questionnaires. Send out the link or QR code of the waiver or questionnaire to your clients and collect signed and completed documents in no time. Utilize different tools to manage and analyze information to gain a better understanding of your business and clients!

Our transcribing feature keeps a record of phone conversations with your clients to ensure that you are aware of their needs. You are able to view client profiles with their picture and name as well as which staff member has communicated with them. This allows you to get a better understanding of what clients are looking for and follow up with the right sales approach.

An engagement trend will calculate the level of interaction clients have with your content. A downward trend indicates a decrease in interactions. This can be used to understand what your clients respond to and offer the best services. Similarly, URL tracking allows you to view what clients are interested in at your studio. This information will help you curate a personalized sales strategy to increase engagement and interactions.

Yes we are! We can handle clients health information while keeping it confidential. We can assure you that it’ll be kept safe and secure.