LenzVU's Features

Form Elements and Inputs

Simply drag-&-drop these elements into your forms to customize them.

Text Input:
Give users the ability to input their answers as text

Phone Number:
Give users the ability to enter in their phone number

Number Input:
Give users the option to pick a number

Date Picker:
Give users the option to pick a date using the calendar element

Radio Button:
Give users the choice to only select one of the given options listed

Checkbox Input:
Give users the choice to choose any & as many of the options listed

Email Input:
Capture the users email through the email Input option

Image Upload:
Allow users to upload an image from their device

Signature Pad:
Allow yourself to electronically capture your clients signature with our easy-to-use signature pad element

Legal forms and liability waivers questionnaire designer

Experience (XP) Designer

Design and enhance your client’s journey using the Experience Designer tool. Add different elements to the flow to trigger actions.

Experience designer feature with LenzVU

Any waivers/legal forms that you have created can be added to the flow to be signed by your clients

Any questionnaires/forms that you have created can be added to the flow to be completed by your clients

Add a custom email or SMS to be sent to your client after a certain action point in the flow

Integration Flows (MBO):
Add Arrival: No class check-in? No problem. Use this “action point” to mark your clients as arrived

Class Check-in: Add this element as an “action point” to trigger an action after your client checks-in

Capture Payment Information: Allow your clients to enter their payment information

Comfort Level with Physical Interaction Question: You now have the ability to ask your client about their comfort level in a discreet way

Enable Check-In After Completion: Add this element as an “action point” after a certain step to enable clients to check-in once they’ve completed the action


With our new SMS feature, allow yourself to directly stay in touch with your clients. Configure and send automated or manual messages through the LenzVU dashboard, and maintain communication that your clients will love!